Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hot New Cover for Blazing Pentacle!

Here's the (somewhat rough and as yet unedited) blurb for Blazing Pentacle, coming May 26 from Loose Id:

Devastated by her lover’s death at the hands of a rogue witch, Serena denied her magic. But when dark witches use sexual rites to summon killer storms, she’s forced to act. Her ability to negate spells makes it impossible to ignore the plight of storm-ravaged towns when she knows she can stop the destruction. As she struggles to overcome her terror of magic, her proximity to the sexual rituals plunges her into a cycle of burning need, and Joel and Trey are the only ones able to ease her lust. But the powerful witch and psychic human have secrets of their own, including their desire for each other.

After they enter into a wild ménage to help her control her hungers, Serena discovers the men may have ties to her enemies. Still, she’s captivated by the mystery surrounding Joel, who was orphaned in a mysterious fire and is obsessed with finding clues to his racial identity and magical legacy. As the three prepare to fight the dark witches, the sexual, psychic link they share proves critical in merging their powers. If they survive, and Serena manages to free herself from the lust that enslaves her, the lager struggle lies in winning each other’s trust.