Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Keeping My Head above Water

Some weeks, it’s harder to swim with the current than others. Some people seem to have captured the secret of getting through weeks like that with grace. I’m not one of them. I thrash around, spitting out mouthfuls of water, go under a few times, and then start swimming again, out of pure, obstinate determination. I also yell at my husband a lot.

Lately, I’ve been wondering how authors of 15 or more published books keep from experiencing burn out. I’ve completed four full length manuscripts, two novellas, and three short stories in the past three years. Promoting my first book (first out, third written) has been a job in and of itself. And while I’ve been promoting, I’ve completed the sequel and written an unrelated novella.

May 27, my paranormal erotic novella, Strange Sabbats (another story about lusty witches) will be released, so I’m heading into the promo cycle for that one now. At the same time, I’m working on a synopsis and cover letter for the recently completed sequel to Nature’s Pentacle (Broken Pentacle, Sky and Alec’s story), and editing that manuscript so I can turn it in to my editor.

So, how do authors who’ve published 15 or more books keep from losing the creative spark among the hustle and bustle of writing, publishing, and promotion? Because bottom line, the current moves quite fast, and authors have to swim in several directions at once.

And of course, many romance authors (yes, even erotic romance authors) are also moms. This week, one of my daughters fainted at school, so I rushed out to pick her up mid-synopsis. Today, the younger one’s home with a stomach bug. And then there’s my husband, who’s a constant work in progress (aren’t they all?). Social groups, errands, paperwork, appointments, household chores, homework help, and heck, my to-be-read pile, all take up their respective chunks of time.

With the sequel to Nature’s Pentacle finished, about ready to turn in, I’m mentally moving on to my next project already, swimming in yet another direction. Which is why I’m wondering, for all you multi-pubbed authors out there, how you keep up the pace year after year after year.

Okay, I know, we write because we love it. We write because we have to. But I’m curious about flotation devices for when we hit white water. Any thoughts?



Mya said...

I hate to admit this, but recently my editor asked me about a detail in one of my works that I'm about to begin editing. Knee-deep in my writing my latest piece, I didn't have a clue.

I don't know about other writers but that saying "the best promotion is your next book" haunts me. I'm always pushing for the next project, the next new release that sometimes I feel like I'm surfing a tidal wave. This will be my second year as a published author, and to be honest I envy those who have back catalogues over 15. To date, I have 1 novel, 2 novellas and 1 short with another novel coming out in the summer and still I always think that I am slacking off. I don't have kids, but I do have a full time job and I squeeze in pages when I can get them. I have about 4 projects lined up in the que to be finished or written and for the moment, I am swimming as fast as I can...and hoping that I don't burn out ;)

Eden Rivers said...

I hear you on yearning after the 15 book backlist, lol. I've got one book out, a novella coming next week, and two short stories coming this summer. What a newbie I am. I'm turning in my sequel to Nature's Pentacle soon, and have another completed manuscript ready to turn in after that, so fingers crossed that those two will meet with approval and become future releases. Like you, I'm always scrambling toward that next release!