Saturday, May 16, 2009

Season of Color

I love spring. Love it with a passion that defies words. So rather than a list of my favorite things about the season, I’ll paint it in pictures. These were all taken in my yard, and the color’s enough to make me forget that for a startling succession of dull, dreary months, the area surrounding my house was locked down in a prison of snow and ice.

One more great thing about spring, before I get to the photos. The third book in my Pentacle Series, Blazing Pentacle, will be available from Loose Id on May 26! I loved seeing Serena come into her full power, as both woman and witch. And Joel and Trey are more than up to the challenge when she throws everything she’s got their way.


Sandy said...


Your yard is gorgeous. Can I trade you? How do you have time to do all that?

I love spring, too.


Eden Rivers said...

The trick is planting things that don't need any care at all. They come up and look pretty every year. The sky waters them. That's it :-)